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2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding.
On this milestone we would like to extend a warm thank you to all of our customers, associates and partners.


Established in 1989, DPP Cordell is a training and communications agency based in the UK. Over the last 30 years we have established a reputation of excellence with clients in Continental Europe, USA and Canada. Our staff and associates combine a range of expertise in pharmaceutical sales, field sales management, sales training, medical writing, design and e-learning.

Our Team

Our team has diverse experience in product management, clinical trial co-ordination, teaching and training management, website development / computer-based learning expertise, medical writing and editorial skills.

Our Experience

Our accumulated years in the pharmaceutical industry have led to knowledge and expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas and a client list covering diverse pharmaceutical sectors including ethical, consumer health, biotech and medical device companies.

Our Aim

We share the belief that, because the performance of salespeople is key to profitability, the quality of the training they receive is of paramount importance. Our aim is to assist companies that require additional expertise or resources to deliver high quality training and communications in an interesting and enjoyable way that will generate real improvements in performance.

Our Partners

Merula Ltd. is a company committed to offering high quality, cost-effective solutions, using internet-based technology for both online and offline products. Merula offers a wide range of internet services, from e-mail accounts to secure web servers, and ha expertise in developing simple to use, yet powerful, standard and custom-written software tools for DPP-Cordell’s clients.


Training - Support - Education - Editorial - E-Learning


DPP Cordell specialises in writing and delivering high quality, cost-effective training and marketing support materials and has built up an enviable reputation in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.


e-Learning is an essential interactive tool in the fast-moving, time- and money-conscious healthcare industry. Computer-based learning is effective and enjoyable blend of training experiences that can economically enhance both distance and classroom-based learning without compromising your budgets. 

Medical Education

Over the years, DPP Cordell has produced an extensive and diverse range of materials, tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Some of the materials we produce include the following: Product training manuals, Product monographs, Physician and patient brochures, Detail aids, Slide presentations, including speaker notes, Commercial and technical abstracts, Competitor profiles, Clinical evidence booklets, Human resource training manuals.

Marketing Support

Effective selling requires a good foundation in the appropriate therapeutic area, the product itself and the market for which it has been developed. Well written and high quality training and marketing support materials are essential to provide a comprehensive overview of these subjects, with focus on key messages and supporting evidence. 

Editorial Services

We can provide all types of editorial/medical writing work from clinical papersabstracts and summaries through to newsletters for internal and external audiences and meeting write-ups. We can oversee the entire publication process from writing through to publication.

ICT Applications

Our bespoke e-learning packages are designed to be user-friendly as well as providing enough interaction to keep viewers engaged in the programme. We have developed the expertise to build whole training repositories, including medical background, product knowledge with animated graphics, clinical paper libraries with links to the text and online quizzes with metrics, so you can measure how well training is going. You have full control over who accesses the site and what they can see, and be able to see statistics on who visits it, and when.