Established in 1989, DPP Cordell is a training and communications agency based in the UK. For over 25 years we have established a reputation of excellence with clients in Continental Europe, USA and Canada.

Our staff and associates combine a range of expertise in pharmaceutical sales, field sales management, sales training, medical writingdesign and e-learning.

DPP Cordell Ltd.

About Us

  • Our Team

    Our team has diverse experience in product management, clinical trial co-ordination, teaching and training management, website development / computer-based learning expertise, medical writing and editorial skills. 

    Our accumulated years in the pharmaceutical industry have led to knowledge and expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas and a client list covering diverse pharmaceutical
    sectors including ethicalconsumer healthbiotech and medical device companies.

  • Our Aims

    DPP Cordell is a training and communications agency with in-depth knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

    We share the belief that, because the performance of salespeople is key to profitability, the quality of the training they receive is of paramount importance. Our aim is to assist companies that require additional expertise or resources to deliver high quality training and communications in an interesting and enjoyable way that will generate real improvements in performance.

  • Associate Companies

    Merula Ltd. is a company committed to offering high quality, cost-effective solutions, using internet-based technology for both online and offline products. Merula offers a wide range of internet services, from e-mail accounts to secure web servers, and ha expertise in developing simple to use, yet powerful, standard and custom-written software tools for DPP-Cordell’s clients.

    Blackbird has over 15 years experience in networking services, including the setup and management of internet services, from shared services to co-located servers and beyond. They also develop custom solutions for clients needs, including website design and maintenance as well as the development and management of custom internet applications and services.

Our Services

Training - Support - Education - Editorial - E-Learning

  • Marketing Support

    We can provide complete marketing ‘toolkits’ including detail aids, leave pieces, Powerpoint® presentations and other marketing support materials, all consistent with your key messages and national/international branding
    We are equally happy to produce individual items, or to update existing materials.

  • Medical Education

    We always familiarise ourselves with your business environment and the challenges you face, so that our products perfectly match your needs, as well as your budget and timelines.  We are happy to deliver whole suites of materials, as well as individual items.

  • Editorial Services

    We can provide all types of editorial/medical writing work from clinical papersabstracts and summaries through to newsletters for internal and external audiences and meeting write-ups. We can oversee the entire publication process from writing through to publication.

  • Communication

    Our bespoke e-learning packages are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive whilst providing enough interaction to keep users engaged in the programme. We have the expertise to design, develop and build whole training repositories, which can include interactive resources, online quizzes and statistical analysis.